Benefits of Cannabidol (CBD)

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Across the nation, there seems to some major buzz about CBD.  People seem to be raving about CBD for a variety of reasons: “CBD helps me sleep,” “I use CBD when I fly on an airplane,” “I take CBD oil in my coffee in the morning for pain relief.” Whereas

USDA Announces Listening Session

As we mentioned in our February newsletter, USDA has now issued a broad overview on the implementation of the federal hemp program. They also announced a public webinar listening session On March 13th for hemp

Full-spectrum cannabis extracts VS CBD isolate

Given the results of this study, it would seem to confirm that full-spectrum extract is preferable over CBD isolate for most CBD users, but CBD isolate is still frequently used and believed by some to be more effective than full-plant extract.

What People say


"I suffer from chronic menstrual pain. I used Natural Rx solution Menstrual Relief Formula to aid in relief. I felt better within minutes and then applied the roll on to my lower back for a full 360 degree relief from my debilitating symptoms. I truly believe this product is a miracle and will continue to use to relieve my monthly pain."

Alexandra, 30
(30 years old)


“I have been using Natural Rx solutions Gel and Transdermal Pain Relief Formula roll on due to tennis elbow in both arms. After using the gel for 10 to 14 days the pain was gone and I no longer needed to wear a brace. The roll on is also a great product for reducing pain in areas do to sports. I highly recommend Natural Rx Solutions and their product line.”

David, 66
(66 years old)


“I have been using Natural Rx solution Sublingual High Potency CBD Formula for the arthritis in my hands. It has made a huge difference in my joints and they seem less swollen and my fingers are no longer locking up. I also use the transdermal gel to rub as well as when I have a sports injury or even a bug bite, it seems to work miracles.”

Barbara, 66
(66 years old)

Suzy, RN

“It works! Used your Natural Rx Transdermal Product on my lower back pain last night, and I got an instant and long acting result. I was finally able to fall asleep, and stay asleep, as the pain was markedly decreased after I applied it. I was so skeptical about anything working, after suffering for so long with the chronic pain that so many nurses experience, throughout their lives."

Suzy, RN, 66
(66 years old)


"I have terrible arthritis in my right hand for about a year. The pain and lack of mobility, took my hobby of playing my guitar. Being retired, I looked forward to having plenty of leisure time to pursue my passion. After applying Natural Rx CBD Transdermal Gel to my hand 3 times a day, I now have a pain free right hand and increased mobility in my fingers! Thank you"

John, 67
(67 years old)


"I've always had anxiety and tirelessly looked for homeopathic remedies, then I was recommended Natural RX Sublingual High Potency Drops, I immediately felt decreased tension throughout my body and increased equilibrium and was able to get back to my routine. Now, I start every day with the sublingual drops."

Kathy, 23
(17 years old)


"I am a long distance biker with a history of sciatica from a herniated disc. I applied the Transdermal CBD roll on before and after my rides. I have also supplemented my healthy diet, with the Sublingual High Potency CBD drops. Now, I ride my bike like I did when I was 30 years old"

David, 69
(69 years old)